Instagram... the Dark Side...

Posted by Lisa Hirsch on

We're in an entirely new time of advice and podiums.
Due to social media- everyone now has a platform. Everybody gives advice. Everybody is the (often unquestioned) scholar of their proclaimed field.

So many of us are super digitized, having an instagram, a Facebook, a website, a blog... and more! How could we help but to have at least a subtle sense of self-centeredness naturally fostered? (Is that a word? Why yes, because this is my soapbox, so I'll call that shot right thur. Yep yep!)
There's a feeling that all eyes are on us. We've never had this potential before!

Every time that I look on instagram I see people peddling products from skin care to panties who are doling out advice on how to live, how to think, how to stay in line or go against the grain, what it looks like to be a rebel, how to not offend...
We are pack animals, and want to relate and it's a lovely feeling- though it's critical to individuality that we can be free to display a sense of self that may be out of step with the dominant paradigm, and to feel confident enough to speak our truths. 

It's crazy tempting to want to tell folks how to behave, but are people also listening to their own advice, and furthermore, are people listening to the "other side"? I've been seeing a lot of 'call outs' for a while now, and while I believe that some folks can absolutely, unquestionably use some straightening, I also think it's ultra important to remember to CALL PEOPLE IN. Ask. Do not assume. If we want to affect change we desperately need to be able to engage in diplomatic dialogue. There is a time and a place for the call out, but if it always winds up being the 1st resort, it will surely create more of a divide.

If we're going to be using our social media to make a point and stand up for something, we need to listen to others too or we'll be standing alone before we know it.

We are living in intense times and we all affect change.

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