Coyote Summer Hoop Earrings

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4" earrings with 2.5" hand hammered, brass hoops that carry pyrite, lemon quartz, and coyote tooth that was selectively chosen from a source that mindfully extracts all usable parts of the animals when they have been killed.
This is strong spirit medicine.
Coyote is known in Native American traditions as the trickster.
I lived on the res & recall distinctly the first time that one crossed our path, and the reaction of the grandmother in the pick-up with us.
I'll never forget.
And so, I see this as an opportunity to adorn yourselves in beauty and to allow the trickster element to transform into playfulness, joy, caution (never a bad thing), and lightheartedness. We all take ourselves too seriously sometimes.

** these earrings are also available in different gem / color combos, and options of brown  teeth as seen, or bleached white teeth.
-Alternate crystal options: amethyst, lapis, turquoise, amber, citrine, aquamarine, garnet, pyrite, prehenite, iolite, and flourite.
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