Customizable Valentine Heart Earrings

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The best ways to show love is to pay attention to someone, ask them questions, let them see that you listen. Luckily so so many of us love jewelry & these earrings provide a perfect, super thoughtful way to prove it!

Approximately 3.5” long, hand hammered brass with gold filled ear wires, or sterling silver with YOUR choice of gem, pyrite stone above it, & either black onyx above that or you can tell me about about yourself or your hunny & I can help put the cream on top.

The way this works: 

1 choose one of these stones that you or your loved one would love

2 tell me your choice at purchase. Please specify type of crystal & # of it. I can also help if you need guidance.

3 sit back & know you just chose a killer gift. *back pat*

1 raw solar quartz

2  polished solar quartz 

3  smaller moonstone 

4  large moonstone

5  round labradorite  

6 smoky quartz 

7  smoky citrine 

8 citrine

9 amber

10 carnelian

11 roundish ruby

12 rugged ruby

13 rose quartz

14  rhodochrosite 

15  lavender amethyst 

16  round fluorite 

17  raw diamond shaped fluorite 

18  raw amethyst 

19  deep amethyst 

20  large garnet 

21 garnet 

22  Tigers eye 

23  Black tourmaline 

24  pyrite 

25 boxy pyrite

26  angular labradorite 

27  Gray fluorite

28  Green fluorite 

29 apatite

30 turquoise 

31  round aquamarine 

32  aquamarine