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Owyhee Opal Double Banded Cuff Bracelet

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This is a one of a kind, handcrafted, sterling silver double banded bracelet that has been stamped with homemade conchos and has 2 rare pieces of Oregon’s Owyhee Opals- Opal and it’s a rarest form!


Owyhee Opal contemplated as a gem of inspiration since ages and is known to enhance the imagination of the soul. The bluish vibes of the stone too heighten the creativity as well as contributes one to releasing inhibitions and improve the memory. Often times, Owyhee Opal is accredited to evoke the spirituality of the one who wears it, as holds the potential to connect the inner spirit with the spirits of the universe. The energies of this charismatic stone heal the wearer to wear the cloak of invisibility when it is not necessary to pay attention. Further, it has been known to bring happiness to the life along with lots of happy moments and happy dreams. The blue tone of this alluring gemstone too eases the process of change. It soothes the aura by clearing out the intensifying the jiffy that holds the wearers smile. The reverberating energies of this magnetizing gem likewise mirror the hidden feelings and root out the buried emotions. It brings the hidden desires, including love and passion to the surface to get fulfilled. Owyhee Opal offers the easy visualization and a clear mind to imagine the things with a new perspective. Blue hued Owyhee Opal too proffers more spontaneity in actions and understand the things I addition to the vivid dreams. Legends believes this stone as an ultimate charm that fulfills all sorts of wishes of the wearing individual as well as assists him to enter the world of the fae for seeing the unseen. In historical past, blue toned Owyhee Opal allows the soul to see beyond the physical reality and experience the real picture, true beauty of nature and life. Owyhee Opal is speculated as a gem nugget that holds the power to strengthen the will of the heart pleaded soul to live and enjoy the phases of the lifespan that are still to come. Acknowledged to be linked to the heart, on the physical ground, the energies of this stone activate the glands and regulate the metabolic activities of the body. It is too believed that this blue color magnetizing gem holds a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Moreover, it pours the warm healing vibes on the emotional heart to restore the lost harmony. Blue Owyhee Opal possesses the eminent attributes that aside from soothing the distressing emotional heart too pacify the restless intellect and align the energies of the inner soul in a direction to attain their spiritual purpose. People recommend this blue hued Opal when people fail to handle their present life due to the past life experiences that affect their life in a negative manner. The etheric blueprint of the stone heals the overall torso of the wearing soul in addition to the etheric body. The soft and relaxing energies of the Owyhee Opal obliterate the stress from the mind as well as releases the trauma of old wounds. The beauty of this blue Opal built up the strong future of the soul by offering tranquility to the inner spirit and healing vibes to nature. It is regarded as the birthstone of the October. The purity and intensity of this soothing gem nugget contribute to balancing the emotional and mental balance as well as pacify the inner soul. Furthermore, the vigor of the stone facilitates the actualization and assist in the progression and expansion in addition to the development. The vitality of Owyhee Opal helps one to connect the conscious and subconscious mind for a clearing understanding of oneself. The energies of this appealing gem facilitate the wordless communication between the Earth plane and the spirits of the universe. It clears as well as brightens the aura by radiating the healing energies all around. Further, since ages it has been used to access the spiritual guides and stabilize the upsetting, directionless energy of the overall soul.

Gem sourcing + anti-slavery statement

The diamond industry has in the past been associated with conflict and exploitation, the industry has taken a number of pro-active steps to combat this, most notably in the form of the Kimberley Process (which certifies that diamonds originate from conflict free zones). Through our procurement and polishing division we are subject to rigorous requirements which set out the detailed standards that our procurement and polishing division is required to adhere to in order to maintain its status. Among other requirements there is a focus on supply chain management, provenance claims, child and forced labour and ethical standards generally.