Witchy Woman Earrings

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4" of bad ass business! 5 points of star for earth, water, fire, air, ether... let's connect. Sterling or gold filled ear posts, mixed black metal chain, Herkimer diamonds. The Pentacle represents good and pure and white magick, a symbol of light and love. It symbolizes the 4 directions and relation to self: North, South, East, West and the Spirit. It symbolizes the 4 elements and self: Earth, Water, Air, the Spirit and the divine. If encased within a circle, it means wholeness and unity of all quadrants and the elements and our ultimate love for Nature. It is said that the pentacle is used to focus and direct energies in magick and also to protect you. Use it to keep negative energies, evil spirits, and demons out during your rituals and spell casting, while you at your most vulnerable. It even gives you the power to command and control the forces who are seeking to harm you. One thing is for certain: anything is possible. xo