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Deer and Coyote

Deer and Coyote

Deer are seen as the cutest things to any city slicker. We grow up so far away from the battles of having them eat crops planted ever so painstakingly, and would love to see them on our own grass... patches. Very little is known about deer in larger metropolitan areas. Here's a bit a interesting deer information:Every year between January and April deer shed their antlers and begin to grow a completely new set. There are several contributing factors, and you can read more here if you like.People set out to find said antlers, combing the land, and encountering some impressive racks indeed!The...

Beneath the Skin

Lisa Hirsch

When you're physically faced with something- you might see it for what it is. The look of it. The texture. The smell even. You may look no further and just take it in and move on. This -relatively speaking- is a good thing. Being able to take something/ someone at face value is hand in hand with having an honest disposition. It's honorable, really. When faced with a piece of art- be it a painting, a statue, a necklace- perhaps you do the same. But do you ever pause to think of the multi dimensionality of things?  Every living animal has...