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Artist At Your Service

Pigeon Heart Designs is created with the belief that the right jewelry acts as a tool to boost your confidence & help you to feel even better in your own skin. 
If you value self expression, see it as a treat & something to celebrate- welcoming the idea of being a bit bolder even in small ways; enjoy pushing the realms of your beauty to stand out among the rest, care about ethical sourcing & ecological connection, are compelled to take action in regard to your impact & place in the world, & recognize that time & resources are precious so we might as well do the best we can & look & feel good while we're doing it- this line is for you.

One of my biggest motivators is in catalyzing the feeling of inner beauty in you, dear reader- through my art & design, with empowerment in mind for people who dare themselves just a bit- at the very least- to be bold & confident in their style.
There is interconnectivity in activism, strength & beauty; If you look good, you feel better. If you feel better, you do better. If you're doing better, you're doing your part in this big, beautiful, complicated world.
Jewelry is truly a branch of self-care.

My name is Lisa Hirsch & I am the designer & maker of all things PHD. 
I'm a native New Yorker gone West, likely missing a real bagel as you read this- who grew up in between worlds; spending most of my formative years either on the beach (hello, warm Atlantic), on the Upper West Side, or in the East Village, & once I was old enough- caught a ride out of town & hit the open road. 
My travels both domestic & abroad are in large part responsible for how I create & whom I create for: a little bit o' everybody.
All are welcomed here.

I never run out of inspiration because the sources from where which I derive are infinite. I often challenge myself by looking at a stranger & imagining what'd  be the perfect compliment to their face, style & way of being. I want anyone who cares about investing in a piece of jewelry that can be kept for ever, & handed down- to feel at home, so I create for a wide range of looks & still do my best to maintain a recognizable cohesiveness. 

Pigeon Heart Designs was born at the close of 2010, & began as a side hustle while I was obtaining my Masters in Early Childhood Edu. After graduating I moved to the Bay Area & taught for several years, maintaining PHD in the background, until I found myself with too many wholesale accounts to continue full time teaching.

I began taking silversmithing classes online & at the local community college right before spring of 2019, when the pandemic hit & wound up relying solely on PHD & it was far better than I could've imagined! It was a big leap of faith/ the only viable source of income at that point, & since the world was essentially on pause I channeled all my creative energy towards learning new techniques & practiced strengthening my craft. Since then I've been doing this full time after being forced to become a brave silversmith.
Playing with fire suits this Aries!

artist wearing black at a dimly let jewelry bench, setting a stone with a bezel rocker tool. She has long, messy strawberry blonde hair.

Pretty Portland Oregon is where I now reside with my main squeeze & our little, sweet mutt Penique. 
When I'm not running the business, you can find me gardening, out on a long walk, spending time with my people, trekking around some nature & smelling a lot of flowers, or exploring an abandoned house. 

My biggest dream is to be an expat & live next to a welcoming body of not-too-cool water, & to make a big dinner about every other week with loved ones & share laughs around the table by candle light & sing songs together with full hearts & bellies.

I am committed to great customer service & am honored to make you jewelry to treasure & feel incredible in. Please feel free to contact me through the contact page on the website. I welcome questions, comments, and just saying hello!
If you own any Pigeon Heart Designs I would love to know how you are enjoying it & adore seeing photos of you & your pets in the pieces.

To stay updated for upcoming promotions, new items, local or out-of-town in-person events, or blog posts, be sure to join the mailing list below.
I'd love to connect with you on instagram, where I post all sorts of neat jewelry inspiration & newness all the time. 

Cheers to a lovely shopping experience & an investment that will bring you joy for many many years to come.


*My beautiful mother, Diana & I. She was a truly amazing woman who wore many creative hats & handed down similar genes & I'm so grateful to her. What a woman.
This site is a dedication to her.