o we are: 

Pigeon Heart Designs, or simply- PHD is a jewelry company that taps into inspiration gathered from assessing strangers in the street, all the way to loved ones. We like to imagine our handcrafted, organic jewelry on all different souls. PHD is the pride and joy of Lisa Hirsch: the primary maker and boss babe of the operation.

All ear-wires and chain in each piece are hypoallergenic; gold filled to go with the brass, or sterling to go with the sterling. 
We source many different crystals and stones, aiming to support small, family owned mines with the smallest footprint. 
We do occasionally use coyote teeth found by working with several groups of First Nation's Gathers. Please see the blog entry about this for more info.
We also occasionally use antler slabs which are all naturally shed... did you know deer shed antlers like we loose teeth, but yearly?

Giving back:
Every month we donate 10% of profits to a different organization that we believe in that is on the ground helping with human rights, animal right, or environmental protection. 

What makes PHD unique:
We believe art is a product of environment. Aside from the people we watch to glean the right visual fit from, we also absorb music, travels, podcasts, experiences, etc and transfer this all into the craft with a good dose of witchy magic.
We do not replicate other's styles because we have enough ideas and would't want that done to us!

Back Story:
In 2010 while finishing up an MA in Early Childhood Education and working part time in the local school district PHD was born.
Initially as a side job, Lisa carried the biz along even during teaching full time. She moved to the Bay Area and taught at a university, but momentum was growing and she found that she had to turn down new stores who wanted to carry her jewelry.
With some encouragement, she spread her wings and took the very scary and brave leap into being her own boss! 
6 years later she is still a full-time maker and is in many stores across the USA.


*The artist as a tot with her beautiful mother (this is dedicated to her, Diana).

*Some of the inspiration responsible for assembly of said jewels.