Pigeon Heart Designs is a unique jewelry line that highlights inner beauty through outward expression.
The right jewelry acts as a tool to boost your confidence & help you to feel even better in your own skin.

Most of my jewelry is one of a kind. Some pieces are repeated, & made to order. Each piece is made by hand & with heart.

I find inspiration all around me; from friend's faces to stranger's, inspiring musicians to old photos, character's in books, visions from the stones themselves. A personal, fun challenge I employ is to create with someone in mind & make what I imagine will compliment them (you!) best. 

Everything in my shop is my own design (except the wax castings, but I will learn how to soon). Nearly all of the stones are from the USA or are ethically sourced gems outside of the country. A lot of attention is paid to each piece so that you make keep it for a long time & pass it down as a bespoke keepsake. 

I am committed to excellent customer service, to continually learning & growing in my craft, & to making versatile jewelry that can be dressed up or down, that represents a rugged elegance.

Welcome to my site; I'm so glad you made it.
Please look around & get in touch with any questions or requests. I hope you love what you see & find something that seems like it was made just for you, as perhaps it really was.  




o I am: 
My name is Lisa Hirsch & I am the designer & maker of all things Pigeon Heart Designs. I am a native New Yorker gone West, now shacking up in lovely Portland Oregon, missing a real bagel as you read this. I grew up in between worlds, spending my time either on the beach or in the East Village. I got chomped on by the travel bug & out the door I went once I was old enough. I've traveled a lot, all around the country & internationally as well. So much of my jewelry reflects what I've seen in my travels. How could it not? 
I've always been a very creative person, wearing many hats. My mother was an amazing woman & she was the same way. Always busy with some artistic endeavor. Lucky us.
Apart from traveling, I am deeply inspired by all sorts of music, the continual pursuit of knowledge, urban exploration, transparency, animals, trees, hot springs, abandoned houses, and UFO abductions. Just kidding. Thought you might have drifted off.
Among all the other creative activities- I began making jewelry at a young age, & flirted on & off with it throughout the years. 10 years ago I began to mess around with metal in new ways, & PHD kind of birthed itself. I've always loved pigeons & wanted to shout them out in my business name. I thought of 100 different possibilities involving "pigeon" in the name, & finally one morning, while laying in bed & languidly staring out the window- a fluffy heart shaped cloud floated by. Ta-daaa. There it was. It was my side hustle for years & only when I moved to SF & worked full time in tandem with making jewels did I realize that I'd picked up enough momentum & had landed my stuff in enough shops to jump in fully. It was scary, but we must take risks! I wound up being my own boss! 
I moved back to Portland & typically work a side job to supplement my income & to mix it up, but as of 2020 I'm fully immersed in PHD. This fact is easily the best part of my year so far. I really love what I do!

Giving back:
Every month we donate 10% of profits to a different organization that we believe in that is on the ground helping with human rights, animal right, or environmental protection. 

*The artist as a tot with her beautiful mother (this is dedicated to her, Diana).

*Some of the inspiration responsible for assembly of said jewels.