Origin Story

Pigeon Heart Designs came to life in 2010 when as if struck by lightening, a heap load of inspiration just tumbled in and never stopped.
Created, designed, hand hammered, and peddled all by a one woman band named Lisa; me: the designer, hammerer, head scratcher, and general figure-outer of the jewels you're peeking.

I have been playing around with all different types of art ever since I could form a grasp.
Just like my momma, I have always had my hands in one or another creative pot. 

These days I play with the sparkly, magical earthly jewels, sea shells, ethically harvested bone/ teeth, and the lovely metals that you see here. There is inspiration to be found everywhere- from nature to the city and in between.

A native New Yorker gone West with the feeling that this balance and dichotomy transfers in my creative endeavors, where the aim is to strike an equilibrium between soft and hard and produce completely unique and versatile jewelry that can be every-day wear, fancy-time wear, where-ever wear...

Apart from the incredible bird that the pigeon is, the shop mascot is Jasper; the world's most kind, handsome, and groovy dog. He occasionally models the necklaces.

Yummy music and podcasts are always on during assembly, so it's easy to imagine each piece is infused with a little witchy, transferred magic.