A Short Breakdown on the Use of Coyote Teeth

The coyote teeth that we occasionally use in some pieces in this line are from several groups of First Nation's gatherers located in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana and Colorado. These groups collect the entire animal when gathering. No animal has been killed for profit, but die of natural causes (starvation or old age), or were victims to road kill. During hunting season there are gatherers that provide a service to the hunters and remove the remains of the animal. Authorities contact groups when there is roadkill, as many states only allow for Native people to have access to the bodies. They are also called upon by the farmers/ranch owners whenever they have had to extinguish mainly coyotes (a big problem for farmers/ranchers) from attacking the farm animals. We believe that all parts of animals are useful, in these situations and should not go to waste. 
We are all part of the great circle and we are honored to be a part of it and respectfully play a role. 
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