Birthday Stones: How Did We Get Here?

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Every month has a corresponding gemstone, but why?

Way back in 3000 BC, early civilizations in India and Babylon accredited stones with magical properties. These civilizations- were the originators of astrology, and gem buyers and traders consulted with those who spoke the language of the stars to see about influential planetary forces working in their favor, using an informal classification of gems that were arranged and associated with planets by color.
As above, so below- much?

So 12 astrological signs= 12 months in the lunar year. And why else? And go on?
In the bible, there was some dude Aaron, Moses's brother- who had some blingy breastplate with 12 different stones. Baller.
The number was related to the 12 sons of Israel and the 12 tribes. These gemstones were also then designated (right back around) to the 12 months or the year. But really- what happened to all those sons though? Too many sons! I may be too Pagan to ever know...

That was all so long ago, so how are we still acknowledging this and how did it morph into todays awareness? Are the gems that were on said breast plate still the same ones we know to represent our birth months? What other sprigs of relativity are there to bring it to a current awareness standpoint? 

Seems our ancients had been in the know about these mysterious, beautiful, shiny, and quite possibly (widely believed)  power-possessing stones- in ways that tie us earthlings to this planet and back to the cosmos. Sexy!  

We still inherently believe at large in their therapeutic, medicinal, or talismanic benefits. Something so beautiful and created by nature can not just stand alone. There's more to them than science can claim, right? You agree? 



Carrying on; the modern birthstone list was arguably coopted and then formulated by an organization known as ‘The Jewelers of America’ in 1912. There was controversy as the organization was  criticized for eliminating some gems in the original picture, yet today it is most often seen as the definitive chart of astrological birthstones.
Did we evolve out of the need for specific gems, or is this a matter of availability? 

When conducting research ain't it a trip how how get as many new questions as you get answers?... 

This blog this is a newer concept still, but stay tuned over the next months for some hot, righteous crystal mythology and lessons. 
Each month we'll be making a stone combo special for you and your enjoyment; (displayed on the instagram) geared towards strengthening your highest self and being an honored catalyst of connection between you or your loved ones and the planet. 
Stoked on this job!



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