Keeping It Real No Matter Who Watches

Keeping It Real No Matter Who Watches

There are a lot of ingredients in the soup that comprises a successful business. Navigating through the long, dark tunnel of being seen by few, walking into the light of being seen by many, & finding a way to be authentic & distinguished is quite a journey. Never before has branding & personal life skated such a thin line. 
Due to social media platforms like Instagram- it's become a truism that creating desire for a product is aided by the charisma of the person pitching the goods. 
Never has having charisma ever been a detriment, but now that we have these tools that can be introduced at moments of wildly personal &/or vulnerable times- folks must learn to walk gracefully & lead a group of strangers through for their viewing pleasure. 

How do we keep it real & not fall into any traps of not trying to seem a certain way? How do we maintain our sense of individuality & is there room now, amongst the glaring magnifying glass of trigger-happy cancel culture- to have strong & occasionally provocative opinions? Also- how much is too much? 

Some people tell-all & air out all their laundry. You'll know what they ate; how they feel about a lot of things; perhaps much of their past; their drama... 

Knowing what's sacred & private must be hard for younger people to wrap their heads around.

So many times I feel extremely lucky to be my age & to have experienced a big, formative chunk of life before technology became so invasive & omnipresent.

I love working & showing a bit of my personal experience to my customers. My jewelry & creations are a part of me. It feels good to sell based in part- off being able to make people feel related to; comfortable; empowered. All of that rings so sweetly. Everyday I tread carefully to show myself & be welcoming, but not tell-all. Autonomy feels good to me, as does balance. How does balance equate with social media & branding? It will look different for most of us, but as it's a new concept to live so recorded & documented- it might take a sec to figure it out.

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