Self Care Today

Self Care Today

What's the last nice thing you did for yourself? How are you fairing? Are you prioritizing yourself these days?

The tendency is to overcompensate right now & burn the candle at both ends. Yes, sure- some folks out there have come closer to mastering the art of relaxation, but the great majority of us are running around, nearly busier than before Corona Virus fell across the land. Why? Because the foundation of what we'd known in terms of consistency was abruptly uprooted, & we are all trying to make sense of this new moment in time. I can't even tag it as the "norm", as I believe we're a ways away from anything that resembles that concept.
When I was working a regular job & making jewelry, it seemed easier- somehow- to have down time. Now, as making money has become so sporadic & uncertain, & all my other means of getting paid have been stymied- I find myself working daily until my hands physically protest. I feel extremely lucky to have an interest with which to pass the time, as well as to be able to use said interest to pay my bills, but I can't stop! 
When I do make sales & do take a break, I feel so rich. Nature seems more vibrant; the occasional & safely distanced friend-hang seems so much more precious; my skin care routine & before-bed rituals have become loaded with moments of gratitude... There are undeniable highlights to the flip side of the crazy!
One big thing that I'm working on is to identify in my life what self care means to me. It may look different on everyone.  For me- it begins every morning with sun salutations, giving my dog love, watering my garden, going on a run, making a cup of some thing warm (this varies), having a simple breakfast while checking emails,  & then I make my way out to my studio. Making jewelry for me has become so cathartic. Time slips away as creativity pours. It's idyllic! Even though I work from home & most days see only my partner- I still choose a cute, intentional outfit everyday. My Covid fashion look is a cross between Denise Huxtable, Peggy Bundy & Blossom. You outta see it! This is another piece of what my personal self care looks like. 
I got my ears pierced at 3 months old. This may seem young, but my father is from Bolivia, & that's a common practice there. Due to this- I feel totally naked & weird without earrings. Jewelry is another form of self care! It helps me to feel pretty. It is when we look good that confidence wells up within & extends beyond our person. 
You are reading this now, I can only assume, because you too love jewelry. It's more than ok to treat yourself to some. It's legit self care. It's a way to put yourself first and a motivator to do good in this world. 
All in all- everything is everything, & whatever it is that makes you feel good inside & out is a form of self love. We need all the love we can muster these days (& always), so treat yourself right- however that looks! Start today; the world is your peach.

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