Sweet Things For Our Sweet Things

Sweet Things For Our Sweet Things

We love pigeons so much here- it's true, but the pigeon is not the only mascot/ representative of Pigeon Heart Designs. 
We are crazy about dogs. They are the greatest, kindest, most loving beings. 

Sweet best mutt dog ever laying in a golden field, wearing his own custom pet tag with his name on it with turquoise.

Cats are so special too.

pretty black cat against cheetah print, wearing handmade, personalized pet tag

And so- pet tags are made. Why not style your pet out while they're here? 

I make personalized pet tags with a pretty piece of American mined turquoise from the Four Corners region, their name stamped in copper & soldered onto brass, & your phone number on the back.

It's cute. Real cute.


Not as cute as your pet, but still. So cute.

We want to celebrate these precious relationships while we have them, so why not get them something a little special?

Lately I have been learning how fast these relationships can go. I've had my dog Jasper for 12+ years, after finding him at around a year old. 
It's been the most rewarding, life changing, fun partnership I have known. 
The love of a dog is unparalleled & for those of us that feel this- we must take a moment to recognize how fortunate we are. 

Jasi is not doing so great now & it weighs heavy on my heart. 

There's a million things I will treasure about him & our time together. 
I'll keep his tag & put it on my altar.

I've had several people commission me to make commemorative tags, which is always an honor.

I'm glad he was able to wear his.
I will love him forever. 


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